I have chosen my music to go over the top of my film. I got it off .
it's not letting me upload the song for some reason.
It is in the Indie genre and is by Gareth Johnson and the song is called Touch Me and its the 2:19 version.


I have started editing my project. So far it is coming along smoothly, i have started by putting together the clips i am going to use in full, and going to break them down individualy to gain a smooth flow and continuity.
I am not adding music after i am going to edit it at the same time so i can do my cuts to the music so it fits in time.
After doing much research i have changed my idea on how i am going to have my fonts. I was originally going to have graffiti as my titles however i have watched many social realism openings and the titles are very basic. usualy plain white , simple fonts.
This would also tie in with my theme as my shots and editing are slow and simple.
Thats it for now.


Ken Loach & Shane Meadows

Ken Loach
I am going to look at bit into Ken Loach's work because he is another social realist film director who puts his views and emotions into his work. Loach doesnt use profesional actors in his films, he likes to use people who have had real life experiences and know the characters they are playing.
He tries to make sure that actors express as genuinely as possible the feelings of their characters by filming the story in order and, crucially, not giving the actors the script until a few minutes before the filming.
Two examples: in Kes the boy actor, discovering the dead bird at the end, believed that the director had actually killed the bird that he had become quite close to during the filming (in fact he had used a dead bird found elsewhere). In Raining Stones one of the actresses visited at her house by a loan shark had no idea that he was going to force her to take off her wedding ring and give it to him as part payment. There are many other such examples.

Shane Meadows
Shane Meadows is considered one of the rising starts of British cinema.Much of the content of his films are semi-autobiographical and based on his experiences he has had. Much of the content of his films are semi-autobiographical and based on his experiences in Uttoxeter. Twenty Four Seven was inspired by his youth, both at a boxing club, and also playing in a local football club. Despite some huge losses, the club's coach never lost faith in them. A Room for Romeo Brass was also inspired by his youth. After his best friend, neighbour (and later writing partner) Paul Fraser had a very bad accident and was bound to his bed for two years, Meadows instead hung around with some of the town's more undesirable characters.