Evaluation: Question 1

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of a real media product?

Whilst doing the research and planning for my title sequence, i looked closely at the typical social realist forms and conventions. I asked myself whether or not i wanted to challenge these or just conform and recreate an average social realist piece of film.
I decided not to challenge the forms and conventions of social realism film. Being a fan of this genre, i wanted to create a film in a similar style of some of my favourites such as This Is England, A Room For Romeo Brass and Kez. I wanted to do this because the audience expect certain features and conventions and thats why they go to see the film; so the audience would be happy with what i deliver in my title sequence as they expect certain connventions which i am feeding to them through my title sequence.
I have used the gritty camera effect by using a hand held camera, this making it feel more real like a social realism piece of film. I have also not had any special effect during the editing process i have just kept it simple and used cuts, no fades ect.
However, i wanted to make it my own and not completely predictable.
I done this by the narrative of my title sequence, by making the audience question certain things.


I have gone ahead and added the soundtrack over the tapping noise, like people thought would be a good idea in the crit lesson. i think it looks so much better!
I also had a lovley edit of the boy jumping over the fence and then cutting to his feet, however i put a title over it and looking over it i thought it takes the viewer away from the shots and engages them with the title. Therefore i moved the title to a couple of seconds after the shot.
Everything is coming along niceley and i am very pleased with the work i have done so far!


The Crit Lesson

We had the crit lesson today and we all discussed each others work on what we feel is good and what could be changed.
Many people thought that my title sequence would look better if i cut out the tapping noise when the boy is tap dancing and have the soundtrack continue over the top.
I found this lesson very helpful as other peoples opinions gave me many ideas for changed to be made and there is always room for improvment!


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