Evaluation: Question 1

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of a real media product?

Whilst doing the research and planning for my title sequence, i looked closely at the typical social realist forms and conventions. I asked myself whether or not i wanted to challenge these or just conform and recreate an average social realist piece of film.
I decided not to challenge the forms and conventions of social realism film. Being a fan of this genre, i wanted to create a film in a similar style of some of my favourites such as This Is England, A Room For Romeo Brass and Kez. I wanted to do this because the audience expect certain features and conventions and thats why they go to see the film; so the audience would be happy with what i deliver in my title sequence as they expect certain connventions which i am feeding to them through my title sequence.
I have used the gritty camera effect by using a hand held camera, this making it feel more real like a social realism piece of film. I have also not had any special effect during the editing process i have just kept it simple and used cuts, no fades ect.
However, i wanted to make it my own and not completely predictable.
I done this by the narrative of my title sequence, by making the audience question certain things.

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