My Initial Ideas

I have been thinking about my opening titles sequence and what my storyline could be. I want it to be something thats quite thought provoking and unexpected. The genre i have chosen is Social Reaslism, i want my opening to feel quite urban and real.
After much thought i came up with an idea where i could possibly have a teenage boy about 16/17 years of age walking to somewhere which is not known to the audience. Your first impressions of the boy is that he is quite troubled and yob-like as he is wearing a tracksuit and has football boots around his neck.
The boy walks past a gang of youths and says hello giving more of an impression of his character.
He eventually gets to the place where he wants to go and puts on his shoes, football boots we think, but he stands up once his shoes are on and starts tap-dancing.
All the time the audience is on the journey with him as i want the camera to walk with him to the place he is going to.
This is my starting point of my storyline and after i do more research i hope my idea will develop some more.

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