Research - Saul Bass

Saul Bass was an American graphic designer and award winning film-maker who made several opening titles sequences to many famous films which have became very much appreciated. He worked alongside many respected film directors such as Alfred Hitchcock (North By North West, Vertigo and Phsyco), Otto Preminger (The Man With The Golden Arm) Martin Scotsese (Casino).
I think Bass's work is really mesmerising with all the lines it feels very hypnotic. They draw you in and make you feel as if you are moving with them. I think a good example of this is North By North West, a comic thriller produced at MGM in 1959.

Bass had become known for using lines and the similar repetitive music in his work. He uses it has become a trademark of his and kind of a statement.
Although most of his title sequences are very similar using moving lines, he creates them so well that it gives the film a certain quality preparing the audience for the film but at the same time not giving too much away.
This is the same as the Psycho opening which was produced in 1960.

I love the way the lines are so symmetrical and the movement is so fluent that it feels as if they're slicing up the screen giving you a very unsettling feeling preparing you for the plot of the film.
Although I am not using animation in my titles sequence I have found it really helpful exploring other techniques that could be used. Looking at Saul Bass’s work has shown me that you can use the most simplest of objects and create a huge impact on the viewer

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