Billy Elliot was where i got the inspiration for the narrative of my film from. The ideologies of being a teenage boy and challenging the expectations of your identity. Does being a tap dancer mean your less of a boy than your mate who plays football?

The opening of my film is going to be very unexpected. There are going to be no hints at all at this boy being a dancer. The viewer don't know where my character is going or why they are walking.

The opening of Billy Elliot doesn't give it away that the main character is going to turn out to be a ballet dancer but because i am only making an opening and i want some narrative in it i am going to show the boy dancing in mine.

I've put the opening of Billy Elliot on here although it doesn't have ant music for some reason.

I also watched the opening of Juno when we first got given the brief for this coursework. That gave me the idea of someone just walking along in the opening, just simple.
I've put it up on here aswell.

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