Evaluation: Question 6

What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product.

In the process of making this product i have learnt a huge amount. I had never experienced blogging before and it is something i have grown to enjoy. i find it much more interesting than creating a sketchbook of all my work.
I also learnt alot about film production. From storyboarding, to Filming, to lighting and creating mise-en-scene etc. I learnt how important every shot is and every angle and that everything in the shot is so important with creating meaning for character and narrative.
The most i have learnt is the post-production such as editing. Although i didn't use final cut pro to edit my Title sequecne in, i used Imovie. This was something i had never done before and it was a big challenge. At the beginning of editing i thought i would never be able to finish my film in time. But as i practiced more and more it became easy and has taught me so much about putting film together and the whole process behind it.

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